Our Philosophy & Values

Our Values

01Contextually relevant architecture. An architecture that:

  • addresses the client’s needs;
  • addresses the parameters set by the unique site;
  • optimise the above to present a product that exceeds the client’s expectations, budget permits.

02Honesty and fairness towards the local government, client , fellow consultants and contractors involved in the building process

Our Philosophy on Architecture

A great privilege, but an even greater responsibility - That is what it means to be involved in architecture. This privilege and responsibility is, however, not limited to the architect, but pertains to all parties involved in the building process, especially the client. When we build buildings, we change the natural landscape permanently.

We take resources from mother earth, transforms it under heat and pressure while consuming huge quantities of energy and combines them to suit our requirements.

We have to therefore ask the question: Are we making the world a better place with our buildings, or do we, in spite of all its sacrifices, scar it even more?

One cannot be against littering, and commit bad buildings. We need to make the best use of these natural resources, and celebrate it by using it in a responsible manner.